How Much Does a Personal Trainer (Private) Cost in Montreal?

17 December 2018by yulfitness

You are now super excited to start your workout, fitness, weight loss, pain management, stress management or running program. It is now the last step (always very important) before you totally commit to your new lifestyle, the financial commitment on your part.

After reading the article “How to choose your personal trainer“, you will now know how much a private coach in Montreal costs.

How much does a personal trainer (private) cost in Montreal?

This is a very important question to ask, since each of us manages a budget that is unique to us. Our salary differs depending on our level of education, our experience, our job or career, our position or if we are in business.

The financial commitment must be realistic and not be an expense that puts us in unnecessary stress (which puts us in the throat if we can take the expression), this is the last thing we want add when a priori one of our results is to reduce our stress and improve our quality of life.

Take the time to sit down, evaluate your budget, how much money you have in income (after tax), where are your expenses going (what are they?), What can be adjusted what sacrifices can be made and how much you can afford to spend (and invest on your health) on a coach or coaching sessions before you embark on this wonderful adventure.

What is your number now?

“Whatever the amount, what value do you put to your health?”

Whatever the amount, it’s unique to you, and remember what value you put to your health. You will discover that your health is priceless!

Time is precious, and your health is priceless, so the best time to embark on this process of positive change in your life is now, is not it?

According to financial experts, a monthly budget is the easiest way to be in control of income and expenses. So a small financial investment on your health, on a monthly basis, will give you the best results in the short and long term.

Whether 100 dollars, 150 dollars, 300 dollars or 900 dollars, your conclusion is yours and your health will give you multiplied.

Depending on the types of private training centers or gyms, the rates for private coaches vary greatly, and in Montreal, we are the province (and one of the places in the world) where it is still very affordable to invest in a personal or private trainer.

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In most big center like commercial gyms, you have to calculate the price of the subscription, which normally varies between 50 dollars and 150 dollars per month. Then, the costs of private training packages (and nutritionists in some cases) must be added to the budget.

“The private training fees work in two different ways: Results Oriented Packages or Fixed Time Oriented Programs (5 weeks, 12 weeks or 6 months)”

Private training fees work in two ways.

First, there are Results Oriented Packages that include a number of sessions per week (1 to 4) depending on your workout and health goals.

For example, in a weight loss program, with 2 private sessions with a trainer per week, will therefore be a package of 8 private workouts in a month, which can range from $ 400 to $ 750, payable before every 8 sessions you do. And those can include the unlimited access to the gym like we do at YUL Fitness! So you can workout as much as you want outside your time with your trainer.

With Results Oriented Packages, you can then increase or decrease the number of sessions per week that you want to do, depending of your budget, or if your life changes (and it does!) through your plan. And the prices per session will vary accordingly if you take more (better deal) sessions. Your trainer will be there for life if you want to have long term results.

Beginner private coaches, who have between one or two years of experience with some certifications can charge at the session between 50 and 55 dollars, and the most experienced (10-20 years) with several certifications, accreditations, bachelor, master or Ph.D. can charge up to $90 (or more) per session. And add Federal and Provincial taxes to those session fees.

To give you an example, in Vancouver and Toronto, private training charges up to $ 150 per session.

As a second option, you can book your private trainer for a Fixed Time Oriented Program. This option is usually on a 5 weeks, 12 weeks or 6 months plan, which allows you to keep a stable budget for the time you do your program. But when the program is done, what do you do? It’s up to you. 

This agreement, depending on your program and your level of dedication, this monthly plan will be based on the number of private training sessions per month and how many people are at the same time as you to workout. Those programs can vary from 4 sessions to 16 sessions per month, for 30min to an hour, so the budget will range from $200 to $1440 per month.

If you’re in a large commercial gym, add the $ 50 to $ 150 monthly access fee, and if you’re in a small private gym, these fees will not be there.

Now you are finally well informed and ready to jump! Although to start is one of the most difficult thing to do, the results will be only the most satisfying!

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Have a good workout!

In Quebec, the Consumer Law Office gives these guidelines to be followed with a private training center and an independent private trainer. Here is the link.