How to get past the afternoon slump like our clients TIMC ?

26 juillet 2018by yulfitness

The gang at TIMC are some of our proudest clients! They work hard, then they train hard!

And exercise helps them get past their afternoon slump.

Here is their story written by Alicia Renaud – Digital Marketing Specialist (reposted from original article here):

Everyone is familiar with the « Afternoon Slump ». 

You come into the office full of energy in the morning, get a little tired but then break to have lunch, and then around 3PM, you’re exauhsted, unmotivated, miserable, and snacky.

We are happy to say that (as we know lots of research has shown and are not claiming this discovery is our own) we have found the cure for the afternoon slump. Can you guess what it is?

If you couldn’t figure it out from the picture… It’s exercising!

Many of our TIMC employees don’t have the time to excercise in the morning (some of us have kids, and after all, we’re not superhuman!) it was something we all really wanted to incorporate together into our daily routine at the office. When Jeanne asked us all what kind of team activities we wanted to do in the summer, outdoor excercise and working out together was out top suggestion.

Luckily for us, YUL Fitness has a gym right below us in the basement of our building, so Jeanne organized for us to partake in an outdoor bootcamp class with one of their trainers at lunch – and man has it been whipping us into shape!

Not only have we all been more energized in the afternoons, feeling better, getting some vitamin D at lunch, but this has also been an awesome team bonding experience. We are a very competitive group – and this gives those of us with more athletic ability than others a chance to really compete (apart from when the sales team plays squash, which they do regularly).

Not only are we incredibly lucky to have management that listens to us – we said we wanted to be outside, and we said we wanted to excercise, and they listened – but we are also lucky to have such amazing opportunities for us to excercise in the gym downstairs or outside.

Check out the video below for a quick peek at what our workouts are like, and follow us on Instagram at @lifeattimc to get more updates on IGTV about how we spend our lunch!

Thanks for the good words guys! We love your energy!