8 Weeks To Earn Your Best Body with Cassidy


Lose fat and get in your best shape today with Cassidy’s 8 week Full Body workout plan. She’s inviting you to join and workout with her and get results today with this simple and easy workout.

Product Description

“An intense full body workout  that will push you!”


Do you follow Cassidy, she inspires you and you are looking for a complete program that will get you in shape without wasting time? Need exercises that strengthen your body, and give you results like crazy? Start to workout and get results today with Cassidy!

It’s easy, with this full body gym workout , you only have to do it 2 to 3 times a week, and it only lasts 28 minutes top! These are easy exercises to do anywhere.

“Choose 3 days in your week to accomplish this workout in only 28 minutes!”

The program includes:

  • A full workout plan to get results in the next 8 weeks
  • A 28-minute medium-intensity full body workout program 3 times a week.
  • A series of movements and stretches for women who want to get in shape.
  • Easy-to-understand exercises inPDF to print and downloadable on your smartphone
  • Do your workout with your favorite influencer
  • 10 pieces of advice of top coaches to stay motivated.
  • Be part of a community of inspiring and motivating people every day

Do you need to improve yourself and be in the best shape, this precise training program will meet your needs. After testing hundreds of functional training programs on the market, this one has been put together to get in shape without wasting time!

This easy-to-practice workout plan will help you tone your muscles, increase your heart rate and lose fat effectively. No need to do complicated exercises. You just have to plan three days of exercises a week to have an inevitable result.

How is this program different?

This program goes AGAINST everything you are used to doing:

  • Spend hours doing cardio.
  • Train everyday
  • Think you need to train two hours per day
  • Train without result
  • Spend hundreds of dollars on gym membership for nothing.

No long term contract.

Ready to train with YUL Fitness to complete this full body gym workout program with Cassidy? Start today!

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