YUL Fitness is proud to make a difference in people’s lives. For several years, the company’s mission is to motivate its customers to move and take control of their health. Discover their testimonials.



Cliente YUL Fitness

Lynn Dupuis

Almost two years ago I had the chance to meet Dino Masson. This exceptional person opened a gym in the building where I work and from then on my life changed completely.

At age 50 I realized it was time for me to think of myself. Over the years, extra pounds are accumulated and I was not fit at all. All the excuses were good not to train … no time, too tired, lack of will …

Dino helped me get fit again and eat better. Today I am proud to say that I always train 5 times a week and I lost 10 pounds.

Thank you Dino for helping me become fit again!

YUL Fitness Client


With YUL Fitness I really found a gym and a trainer (Dino) who gave me all the flexibility I was looking for.

The gym is nearby and is very friendly, the service is personalized, Dino adapts to my schedule and he relaunches me regularly by email early in the morning to indicate his availability during the day. It’s motivating!

I’ve tried several gyms over the years but this is the first time I’ve been able to get regular training into my lifestyle. Congratulations Dino you found the right concept!

YUL Fitness Client

Johanne C.

The beauty of YUL Fitness is that for the first time, I feel really invested in my fitness experience, and have been for a year now. It is an HUGE achievement for me.

I appreciate the human approach and listening to Dino. It makes me improve and push myself further. The results are there and visible.

I feel better than ever in my skin and my body and my esteem has soared. In the name of all; THANK YOU Dino.

Who inspired you in 2017? For us it’s Marie-Bénédicte! With perseverance and determination, she has not missed a week of training since last April with us.

The result? Not 40, 50, or even 60 pounds lost … But 122 pounds lost in 9 months! What an inspiring story. Energy and health are priceless. The year 2018 will be even better! Bravo Marie-Bénédicte! We continue now.

Train for 9 months


Testimonial of our client Jessica

Had some Friday fun last week with my trainer Dino. He works me to the bone, but it’s paying off! Take this from someone who used to have the athletic abilities of a potato, anyone can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. It’s as simple as putting in the time, and getting a little help from professionals. Thank you to my coach/friend/life therapist. 🙂



Thanks to your efforts Dino, your advice, your determination to show people that training or going to a gym is not only to feed the physical side, but especially to maintain our human spirit.

In the last 53 months I managed to better know my limits, my strengths, my weaknesses, however it is my inner side that stands out most … to be well in my skin. THANKS DINO

Train for 55 months

Luis Ribeiro